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Shacman awarded ChengLi the "Win win Award for Special Vehicle Cooperation"

Time:2022-12-26 Views:133
On December 16, 2022, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck 2023 Annual Business Conference was held in the new Shaanxi Automobile Base with the theme of "strong reform, common progress, striving to win and decisive victory in 2023".
Looking back on 2022, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck has made continuous breakthroughs in the market and made breakthroughs against the trend, which can be described as a complete report card. All achievements can not be achieved without the full support of the majority of partners. In order to recognize the outstanding dealers, service providers, special vehicle manufacturers, and accessory dealers who have made outstanding achievements in 2022 in order to achieve outstanding market performance, we hereby commend the excellent distribution service units and outstanding individuals who have made outstanding achievements in 2022.
On the site, the "Strategic Cooperation Award", "Outstanding Contribution Award of New Energy", "Top 10 Dealer Award", "Top 10 Service Provider Award", "Contribution Award of Commission Reform Cooperation", "Win win Award of Special Purpose Vehicle Cooperation", "Contribution Award of Parts Sales" and "Outstanding Contribution Award of Financial Service" were awarded.
The 2023 Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck 2023 Annual Business Conference was decided by "strong change, common progress, and striving for win": Yuan Hongming, Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holding, awarded Chengli Automobile Co., Ltd. a win-win cooperation award.
In 2023, Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. will work closely with Shaanxi Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., base itself on Suizhou, the "capital of special purpose vehicles" in China, give full play to the leading role of special purpose vehicles, grasp the stock market, break through the incremental market, and strive to achieve the goal of doubling the sales volume of Shaanxi Automobile series special purpose vehicles, so as to build a banner of win-win cooperation of Shaanxi Automobile Special Purpose Vehicles.
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