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Leaders of Hubei Market Supervision Administration inspect Chengli Group

Time:2020-05-22 Views:449

Recently, Deng Min, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration and member of the party group, led a team to inspect the Chengli Automobile Group, and conducted investigations and proposed measures to help solve the series of production and sales of the Chengli Automobile Group during the epidemic. . Cheng Liluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, deputy general manager and other responsible persons attended the meeting.

Regarding the three points raised by Cheng Aluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, Deng Min, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration, fully understands that this is also a common problem facing most enterprises in the industry in Hubei Province. In this regard, the comrades of the inspection team will make a special report to the provincial government after detailed investigation to help solve the temporary difficulties faced by the enterprise.

Cheng Aluo, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the inspection team for their support and understanding, and was very touched by the provincial market supervision and administration bureau‘s concern and help for Chengli Automobile Group.

For the current problems and difficulties of Chengli Automobile Group affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, Cheng hopes:

1. As the market share of the special vehicle manufacturing industry in Hubei Province accounts for 70% of the national special vehicle market, the sales volume of special vehicle manufacturing is huge. It is hoped that the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government will ask the central government to appropriately slow down the implementation period of the country‘s environmental protection policies on vehicle emissions, extend the transition period for the conversion of the National Six Standards, and give Hubei Province‘s special vehicle industry a time window for digesting inventory products.

2. With regard to the bidding and bidding work of Chengli Automobile Group‘s special vehicles in other provinces, I hope that the government and the central government will come forward to coordinate and support the local governments of other provinces to give fair and equitable treatment to enterprises and personnel in Hubei Province, so that the bidding and bidding work of Chengli Automobile Group can proceed .

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