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Hydrogen fuel and new energy truck production line will be settled in Chengli Automobile Group

Time:2022-12-02 Views:58
Hydrogen fuel and new energy truck production line will be settled in Chengli Automobile Group

The production lines of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and new energy medium and heavy trucks will be located in Suizhou Chengli Automobile Group. Chengli Automobile Group has a total investment scale of 1 billion yuan and needs to acquire more than 500 mu of land. After completion, it can produce 5000 hydrogen fuel vehicles, 10,000 new energy heavy trucks and 15,000 new energy medium trucks.

With the gradual mass production and application of hydrogen fuel power cells in the automotive field, hydrogen fuel power cells have become the first choice for commercial vehicle engines with zero emissions and zero pollution in the real sense. The research and development and production of hydrogen fuel vehicles in China has also become the expectation and hotspot of the industry. Its broad market blue ocean has attracted the favor and attention of leading enterprises in the industry.

It is reported that the total investment scale of Chengli hydrogen fuel power cell vehicle and new energy medium truck and heavy truck production line project has reached 1 billion yuan, and more than 500 mu of land needs to be newly acquired. After completion, 5000 hydrogen fuel vehicles, 10000 new energy heavy trucks, and 15000 new energy medium trucks can be produced. The annual increased sales revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan, new profits and taxes are 500 million yuan, and 2000 new jobs are created, which will comprehensively drive the high-quality development of Chengli self owned brand commercial vehicles, Form a strategic pattern of two-way coordinated development of traditional power vehicles, hydrogen fuel vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles and emergency equipment, and strive to achieve the grand goal of "double billion" output value of traditional energy and new energy vehicles and emergency equipment.
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