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Dongfeng Mengshi SUV remommendation meeting with Chengli

Time:2020-05-22 Views:381

On May 9th 2020, the business delegation of Dongfeng SUV Co., Ltd. held a special equipment ---- Mengshi SUV promotion recommendation meeting in Chengli Automobile Group.

The two parties will jointly attack and seize the special vehicle segment in multiple fields such as emergency firefighting, medical ambulance, communication command, RV, public security, overseas markets, mining oilfields, and electric power rescue, and strive to develop more potential customers and promote special civilian use. The marketization process of cars.

It is reported that the four mainstream models of special civilian vehicles recommended by Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd. this time, benchmark the Hummer gene, take the creation of national brands as their own responsibility, take technological innovation and 5G Internet smart life as the entry point, plus Beidou navigation and artificial intelligence With the blessing of the vehicle, the vehicle has a total of 27 patented technologies that surpass the parameter performance of Hummer.
On the other hand, Dongfeng Mengshi special civilian vehicles and special chassis, on the basis of maintaining the hardcore off-road style, have realized the lightweight transformation of energy saving and emission reduction, with more powerful power and leading the industry standard in off-road performance.

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