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Chengli Special Automobile and BYD reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Time:2021-04-28 Views:201
On the morning of April 19, Wang Jie, Vice President of BYD Co., Ltd. and CEO of the Commercial Vehicle Group, and his entourage visited Chengli for a business inspection. Cheng Aluo, General Manager of Chengli Group, He Ruan, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Huosheng, Director of the General Manager‘s Office Service Center, Ni Wentao, Vice President of the Group and General Manager of Chengli New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Liu Hui, General Manager of Chengli New Energy Equipment Depot, accompanied them on a special trip. The two parties plan to deepen cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to achieve mutual benefit, win-win and common development.

Vice President Wang Jie led BYD Bus Sales Department Deputy General Manager Shu Bo, Hubei Sales Director Ming Jin and Sales Manager Gao Liao, went to Chengli New Energy Automobile Manufacturing Company‘s production workshop, inspected the new energy special vehicle production environment, and understood the production and sales situation . He highly appreciates that Chengli‘s special vehicle scale is No. 1 in the country. In particular, Chengli‘s sales model and cost control are worth learning from BYD.
At the subsequent symposium, Ni Wentao, deputy general manager of Chengli Group and general manager of New Energy Company, first introduced the construction of Chengli Group‘s new energy project, the announcement situation and the preliminary cooperation between the two parties. Vice President Wang Jie emphasized that BYD currently has core technologies for new energy vehicles such as batteries, motors, electronic controls, and chips, and its special vehicle chassis is professional, leading and authoritative. This will provide support for Chengli’s cooperation in top-loading and other aspects. It has established a solid foundation and broad prospects for development.
In terms of new energy special vehicles, Chengli has carried out a number of basic work in the early stage, including plant, equipment, announcements, layout, technical personnel, etc., and is full of confidence in the future market; hope that both parties will continue to strengthen cooperation, mutual penetration, and mutual understanding As an important force in the industrial chain, the other party promotes the smooth development of cooperation with mutually beneficial sales policies and financial support policies.

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