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Chengli‘s high-end cold chain transport vehicle equipment automated production line was put into use

Time:2021-03-20 Views:240
The automatic van plate cutting composite production line introduced by Chengli Special Cold Chain Vehicle Factory at a cost of millions of yuan was officially cut and put into use.

Cheng Aluo, general manager of the group company, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and delivered a speech.
Our country’s current special-purpose vehicle and emergency equipment industry, with the world trend and advancement of cutting-edge technology, especially the steady promotion of the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and the high-quality development strategy, coupled with the deep integration of intelligent manufacturing and 5G technology and Internet technology, the special vehicle And the emergency industry has been fully empowered and blessed. Standardization, automation, and intelligence have been launched in sequence. The application prospects are very good and the formation of emerging industry growth poles.

In recent years, Chengli Automobile Group has increased the strategic advancement of scientific and technological research and development and automation and intelligence, and has invested heavily in the introduction of plasma laser cutting, robotic welding production lines, automatic shearing machine production lines, fully enclosed exhaust gas recycling paint and water-based paint automatic spray The equipment and the complete vehicle assembly production line have greatly improved the technological level of the products, and provided a solid guarantee for the quality, safety, stability and reliability of special vehicles and emergency equipment.
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