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Chengli resumes work and production after the corona virus epidemic

Time:2020-03-17 Views:1021
On the morning of March 10, Chen Ruifeng, member of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Liu Hongye, Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders, made a special trip to the new factory area of Zengdu of Chengli Automobile Group to investigate some of the workshops that have been put into production. In the case of epidemic prevention and compliance, production should be resumed as soon as possible to ensure that both epidemic prevention and production resume. The Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, the District Party Committee and the District Government will fully support Cheng Li as a leading automobile company to resume production and resume production, expand production capacity to ensure that the specialized automobile and medical ambulance emergency market needs, and take the lead to unswervingly seize market opportunities to delay the epidemic The losses were recaptured.

Mayor of Keke, Suizhou City emphasized that Hubei suffered a severe epidemic, and the real economy and manufacturing industry in the city suffered the most. The enterprises must not only prevent and control the epidemic, but also vigorously seize opportunities to resume work and resume production. To ensure the health and safety of personnel, we must stabilize employment and promote growth to ensure people‘s livelihood and economic development.
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