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Chengli Group and Weichai Power reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Time:2021-09-30 Views:570
Weichai Power and Chengli Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Feng Gang, Vice President of Weichai Power, visited Chengli for investigation. The two parties reached a comprehensive consensus on cooperation in automobile engines and hydraulic powertrains, and jointly deepened the market for special automobile and emergency industry.

On September 24, Feng Gang, Vice President of Weichai Power, took a luxurious delegation of 10 people to the Chengli Group, known as the “Leading Specialized Automobile Enterprise in China”. Cheng Daoguo, Chairman of Chengli Group, Zhu Wu, Executive General Manager, Ni Wenjin, Deputy General Manager, and relevant department heads and related professional factory directors gave a warm reception in the conference room on the 1st floor of Building 8.

Cheng Daoguo, Chairman of Chengli Group, first gave a welcome speech. He said that he thanked Weichai Power for its continuous attention and support to Chengli. The Chengli commercial vehicle project will be completed and put into production in 2020. At present, it has obtained commercial vehicle production qualifications to meet the production needs of micro, light, medium and heavy truck chassis. A number of powerful professional factories such as Chengli Special Automobile and Chengli Heavy Duty Truck have entered. The project is in a stage of rapid development; Weichai Power is currently one of the most powerful automobile and equipment manufacturing groups in China, especially Weichai‘s engines and hydraulic powertrains are well-known at home and abroad. Chengli is also Weichai’s loyal customers. There are close cooperation opportunities and broad prospects for cooperation between Weichai and Chengli.

Vice President Feng Gang expressed his appreciation for Cheng Li‘s development concept based on special automobile and deep cultivation in recent years, and affirmed Cheng Li‘s industry status and great achievements, and hoped that he could join forces with Cheng Li in the future. As a professional engine marketing expert who has been in the engine market for more than 30 years, Mr. Feng has a thorough knowledge of industry trends and market demands. He emphasized that the hydraulic system replaces the auxiliary engine and the traditional power take-off method, which can reduce costs and weight. At the same time, the engine ECU directly controls to prevent carbon deposits, which is worthy of vigorous promotion and application. There are a variety of environmental protection configurations for the same model of the National VI engine. In order to ensure the correctness of the announcement and environmental protection declaration, early technical communication is very important. Weichai Power will send technicians to Hubei next month to carry out technical docking with vehicle manufacturers at Chengli site to achieve win-win cooperation.
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