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Chengli Group and Nanjing Iveco Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Time:2021-06-01 Views:131
"European model of commercial vehicles, the most universally modified Nanjing Iveco chassis special vehicle legion exhibition and the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Chengli Group and Nanjing Iveco Automobile", was grandly held at the headquarters of Chengli Automobile Group on May 19th.
At the Chengli Iveco Special Vehicle Legion Exhibition, leaders and guests from both sides focused on viewing new products such as the national vaccination vehicle, all-aluminum business travel multi-function RV, and special emergency equipment for shelter hospitals.

Liu Jie, general manager of Chengli Ambulance Factory, gave a detailed introduction to the general manager Yu Qionggen, general manager of Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd., about the high-end 5G mobile smart medical high-end ambulance product developed by Chengli with complete intellectual property rights.

Yu Qionggen, General Manager of Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd., Huang Yuansheng, Director of Marketing and Sales, Hao Mingjun, Assistant Director of Sales and Head of Key Account Department, Lin Jian, General Manager of Central and South China, Yuan Jieran, Assistant to General Manager, and Wu Xiaoxing, Key Account Manager of Key Account Department, And Cheng Aluo, General Manager of Chengli Automobile Group, Cheng Guoqiang, Executive Deputy General Manager and Chairman of Chengli Chassis Supply and Marketing (Hubei) Co., Ltd., Liu Feng, General Manager of Chassis Supply and Marketing Company, Cheng Jintao, Assistant to General Manager, and Chengli Iveco Chassis Division Director Wang Fei, Zhang Huosheng, Director of the Service Center of the General Manager‘s Office, Liu Peilin, Director of the Propaganda Center, and Huang Xin, a representative of Internet celebrities, attended the signing ceremony.
At the symposium of the signing ceremony, the honorable leaders and guests listened to the introduction and development vision of their respective companies, and put forward specific guidance on the strategic cooperation between the two parties to directly supply the chassis business.

The heads of Chengli Automobile Group‘s direct factories, specialized factories, and group members have also communicated and exchanged opinions on the modification experience, technical requirements, and versatility of Iveco chassis and explored better and more applicable solutions.

Subsequently, representatives of the two parties held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. It is expected that the number of Iveco chassis direct supply will exceed 1,000 in 2021, and the annual growth rate will also increase by 500 to 1,000 vehicles each year to rapidly improve sales performance.
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