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Chengli Automobile Group‘s 2020 output value reached 7.5 billion yuan

Time:2020-12-30 Views:425
Chengli Automobile Group‘s output value in 2020 will reach 7.5 billion yuan.

Chengli‘s special automobile output value target set at the beginning of 2020 was 7 billion, but with the impact of a sudden epidemic disaster, the production was directly suspended for one and a half months, which delayed the output value of 1.3 billion. In this regard, the high-level team headed by General Manager Cheng Aluo accurately studied and judged and implemented scientific policies. Facing the epidemic, he was not afraid of difficulties, and raised the sprint target to 7.5 billion; grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming work and production, actively responding to adverse trends. In order to support the first line of national and international epidemic prevention and control, we boldly innovated and promptly launched high-end negative pressure ambulances, medical waste transfer vehicles, epidemic disinfection vehicles, emergency rescue vehicles, nucleic acid sampling and testing vehicles and other marketable and scarce products. The spread of the virus grabs time, seizes the battlefield, makes up for the lost time, and captures the lost market.

Since March 2020, the production and sales of Chengli special vehicles and emergency products have continued to rise rapidly, with an average growth rate of more than 20%, which is far ahead of other manufacturers in the same industry and higher than the historical growth level over the same period. A beautiful turnaround. As of 10:38 on the morning of December 25, the output value of the special automobile successfully completed 7.558 billion 6 days in advance, and a satisfactory answer was handed in.
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