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Chengli Automobile Group held the second meeting of the annual operation

Time:2020-06-09 Views:0
Recently, Chengli Automobile Group held the second meeting of the annual operation of Chengli Professional Factory.
This meeting mainly focused on summarizing the completion of the announcements of various professional factories in 2019, as well as summarizing and commendation for chassis sales and operating performance, and at the same time, strengthened responsibilities and consolidated the foundation for the 2020 business plan.
General Manager Cheng Aluo said that although affected by relevant national policies and the epidemic situation last year, some professional factories failed to complete the task and received bonuses, but each factory was very motivated and full of confidence in the next step. Mr. Cheng encouraged everyone not to be discouraged and not to be left behind; to warn everyone that although the epidemic has not ended this year and the economic situation is still unclear, each professional factory should come up with effective countermeasures and achieve 7 billion this year in a planned and targeted manner according to the actual situation. Total target of special steam output value. If the professional factories have practical difficulties, they should report to the group company in time, and the relevant departments of the group company will do their best to help the professional factories to overcome the difficulties together. I hope to see more professional factories come to the stage to receive awards at this time next year. Chengli Automobile Group is the shared stage for everyone to benefit from and is the strongest backing for each professional factory.
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