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Chengli Automobile Group has set a target of 8.5 billion special-purpose vehicles in 2021

Time:2021-01-22 Views:300

Chengli Automobile Group has set a target of 8.5 billion special-purpose vehicles in 2021.

On January 19, Chengli Automobile Group solemnly convened the first working meeting of subsidiary team members of the group company in the No. 1 conference room of the headquarters to achieve a comprehensive victory deployment strategy for the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, decompose tasks and implement responsibility measures to ensure that 2021 The annual output value of the group company‘s special automobile reached 8.5 billion set goal.

Chairman Cheng Daoguo, on behalf of Chengli Automobile Group, gave a collective talk and exhortation to the general managers of the 13 new subsidiaries. Mr. Cheng pointed out that the establishment of subsidiaries is the only way for the group to develop from a professional factory to an industrial cluster. It is to strengthen corporate management and mobilize various companies. The need for enthusiasm. Secondly, it is hoped that the team members will have a high degree of political standing, strengthen communication and cooperation, closely unite around the general manager, and work together to complete the tasks assigned by the group. Third, under the guidance of the Group’s “Three Persistences” and “3X3 Development Strategies”, each subsidiary must clarify development ideas and take specific measures to implement one by one according to the requirements of the 2021 Economic Work Conference. Strive to make new breakthroughs in various tasks.
Chengli Group insists on the implementation of the three-level management model of "Group-Subsidiary-Production and Operation Unit". So far, it has completed the industrial and commercial registration of its subsidiaries, and has given the rights and capabilities required by law. A major event in the process. After the establishment of the subsidiary, Chengli will form a management system with clearly defined powers and responsibilities and each performing its own duties, that is, the group company manages the "general", the subsidiary manages the "subsidiary", and the production and business unit manages the "management". Under the unified leadership of the group company, each subsidiary will implement the general manager responsibility system in a clear manner and lead the production and operation units under its jurisdiction to complete their respective output and output value tasks. The output will be the main assessment basis for the general manager this year. The group company will fully delegate power to the general manager in terms of people, finances, materials, production, supply and sales, and provide the greatest support for the development of subsidiaries.

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