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Cheng Li have made concerted efforts to work hard for more big orders

Time:2020-04-20 Views:838

Since the restart of Chengli Automobile Group, all Chengli people have made great efforts to control and turn into a crisis and seize the opportunities in the international market. Taking medical disinfection spray and dust prevention and epidemic prevention vehicles as the leading factor, in the battle of epidemic prevention and control in foreign markets, it has made China The first batch of 45 anti-epidemic vehicles airlifted the bridgehead of the Middle East ---- UAE! It has won the lead in increasing the industrial output value of the special automobile emergency industry for foreign exchange earning in 2020, opening up a gratifying situation. Foreign trade orders from Southeast Asia, Africa, the European Union, North America, Russia and other countries and regions have come in droves.

Chengli Automobile Group, as the leading enterprise in China‘s largest special vehicle production capital, has always been in the leading position in the industry in terms of professional technology and process quality. After learning of the important role played by the fog guns produced by Chengli Automobile Group‘s professional dust suppression vehicle factory in the outbreak, the UAE decisively purchased a batch of dust suppression vehicles from China Chengli Group for epidemic prevention and disinfection. After the order was placed, Chengli Dust Suppression Vehicle Factory was delivered day and night, and the export delivery of 45 Dongfeng Tianjin 100m Dust Suppression Vehicles in the UAE was completed in eight days. Show the world‘s solid special vehicle manufacturing capability to the world again.

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