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Chassis Direct Supply Signing Ceremony between Jiangxi Isuzu and Chengli Group

Time:2020-09-20 Views:502

On the morning of September 1, 2020, Jiangling Group inspected Chengli Automobile Group and signed a chassis direct supply agreement with Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of Chengli Automobile Group.

Chairman Jiangling Qiu said frankly that this business event is a visit to Chengli Group with a learning attitude. As an alumnus of Huake, he has always paid special attention to the steady development of Chengli Company. Leading enterprises have caused the concern of Chengli. This model of driving the development of the entire industry chain of special vehicles must have its inherent logic and Chengli password.
Through the on-site understanding, the delegation was deeply impressed and shocked. It also added confidence and affirmation to Chengli. Jiangling Group is also willing to come up with more generous business policies to promote better and faster development of friendly partner Chengli development of.

At the fair, business representatives from both sides held the "Chassis Direct Supply Signing Ceremony between Jiangxi Isuzu and Chengli Automobile Group".

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